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Winner of the Seikaisha Rookie Award and highly recommended by the author of Youjo Senki.

In the spring of the year 1873, I started traveling with a novelist.

With the completion of the transcontinental railroad, it was an era of rapid economical growth where towns were covered in the fumes of steam engines. In the United Empire of Yunaria where the churchs authority was absolute, mercenary work was on the verge of becoming an outdated profession. Sword, who had his work prospects crushed by the curia, receives a job offer to become the bodyguard of a popular novelist as she travels to a town not marked on any map. Though the unlikely pair begin their relationship mutually hurling insults, they gradually deepen their bond through their journey and eventually get wrapped up in a conspiracy between the country and the church.

Note: The story is set in a fictional world that is based on 19th century America.

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